Attorney Profile

Kevin L. Dixler

Photo of Dixler signMr. Dixler concentrates his practice to immigration, visa law, citizenship and related matters since 1993 as a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Many clients are family immigration clients, because he encourages family visas over employment-based visas, where possible. Others are foreigners or permanent residents with DUI, criminal arrests or convictions. Criminal attorneys contact him about the immigration consequences of a criminal record to their foreign clients. He has significant experience with waivers of inadmissibility for crime, fraud and unlawful presence and lectures on this topic. Mr. Dixler successfully defends clients in the Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Courts.  He has filed successful lawsuits against the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Service in Federal Court to challenge unreasonable delays with adjudication, naturalizations and name checks. He is functionally bilingual in Spanish and is a Chicago Native also originally from Central Rogers Park

Gazala Momin

Ms. Momin is the office’s Senior Law Clerk.  She has over nine years of experience with the firm, and over twenty years of experience in the field of immigration law.  She has spent most of her life in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago near the Indian and Pakistani Community.  She formerly worked for Mark Anvaripour and Associates before joining our office.  Ms. Momin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Management.  She also completed a post-baccalaureate Paralegal Certificate approved by the American Bar Association.  Ms. Momin is fluent in both Hindi and Urdu.


Firm History

The practice started its work in 1993 within private immigration bar in Chicago . However, Mr. Dixler previously worked as a licensed prosecutor and assistant with both the Cook County States Attorney and the Law Department of the City of Chicago. He was also part  of the Law Offices of Richard S. Cohan. In 1998, his practice took over limited professional responsibility for immigration clients formerly represented by the Law Offices of T.V. Weber of Aurora, Illinois. He also serves of counsel to Mark Anvaripour and Associates in Chicago, among other immigration and visa law firms, nationwide.  The Office is conveniently located a block from the U.S.C.I.S. Chicago District Office.

Client History

Approximately 90% of his clients have a family member in the Chicago area or the State of Illinois. They depend upon him for his candid advice on visa processing and the role of an attorney in the process. Persistent attorneys often spend unreasonable amounts of time with the adjudications branch at the district and regional level.  The Chicago District Office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service is a large office that is often administratively challenged in its effort to determine who merits permanent resident status. Often, proper levels of funding are not spent to adequately train and staff the Chicago office. Mr. Dixler has also worked with and traveled to the border, U.S.C.I.S. district offices and various immigration courts across the nation to represent his clients.

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Dixler regularly attends and participates in national, regional, and local immigration law conferences and roundtables as a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association [AILA]. He also served on the AILA National Waivers Committee from 2006-2007 and helped edit its 2007 AILA Waiver Handbook for Attorneys. He aids renowned speakers, lectures colleagues, and assisted other attorneys on immigration matters. He also served as a member of the AILA’s National Admissions and Removal Committee during the 2001-2002 term. Such a commitment allows us to give our clients the advice needed to make the best decision for their situation.

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