Informed Review & Consent!

Photo of Jay Pritzker PavilionThanks for taking the first step. Self-help can prove frustrating, but may be a disaster, as well. Clients seriously interested in an attorney’s assistance should schedule an appointment or teleconference. We depend upon clients, who place a fair value on our candid legal advice, which takes time to investigate, research and explain.

Opinions are based upon our extensive experience and knowledge of immigration law and procedure at the Chicago and  Milwaukee District U.S.C.I.S. Offices and the Courts.  Our ‘of counsel’ attorney brings over four decades of experience to the office staff. One appointment is all that is required in many instances, where no further action should be undertaken. Prepaid legal fees and expenses are often the custom in the United States, among the most experienced immigration attorneys. However, we are sympathetic to the needs of clients.

Our office has reasonable payment plans, but also accepts Discover, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Most immigration attorneys cannot rely upon an insurance company to pay client fees. We charge $250 for an appointment, teleconference, or e-mail review. This fee is subtracted from the intended fee quotation, where a decision is made within 30 days. Often, the intended fee is all is charged for attorneys fees, except in unusual situations.

The often one hour time frame for an appointment or teleconference is usually enough time.  It allows us to complete a thorough review, provide advice, and explain immigration and visa laws. Often, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without an explanation is not enough for most applicants. The “why me” and ‘how does law or processing work questions require a bit more time to explain to a reasonable client.

It is difficult to obtain an objective opinion from an impatient attorney, who provides a free consultation, but must file an application or do additional research to earn a fee. The often brief ‘free consultation’ often costs client’s much more money in fees and frustration than a paid appointment.  If a client qualifies for a visa, in our opinion, then we carefully explain the procedures and processing risks (doctors refer to this as “informed consent”).
We will recommend whether it is worthwhile to apply now or delay until an appropriate opportunity exists. We will also discuss what to do in an emergency.  Most clients have the right to appear before an immigration court and should in many situations. Clients may qualify in the future, but can ruin their chances by filing too early and without a reasonable commitment. This means that annual appointments or teleconferences are an appropriate alternative to a premature (untimely) filings.

Attorneys fees ultimately depend upon an informed evaluation. Attorneys fees may vary based upon the client’s specific situation as well as the discretion and experience of the practitioner.  Attorneys fees can suggest the amount of risk and effort involved.  Careful planning takes time and attorney bill based upon how much time and effort they think it will take.  If the attorney does not estimate well, then a flat fee will create a conflict with your counsel.  Instead, our office has reasonable fee ceilings in our agreements, which often prove to be unnecessary.
(c) 1998-2014 by the Law Office of Kevin L. Dixler, all rights reserved.  The above is general information not meant to be legal advice and may not apply to all; we recommend appointments with experienced and ethically considerate immigration attorneys.

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